Attention Freestyle and Basic Skill Skaters

The Town of Greenwich will be holding its annual competition at the Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink on Sunday, February 24, 2013, for Snowplow Sam - Basic 8 Events, Free Skate 1 - 6 Events, Well Balanced Free Skate Levels, and Test Track Levels.  This competition is sanctioned by the US Figure Skating Association.
Please click below to download the required application form.
Read the application carefully and follow all instructions.
The form requires:
1. A private coaches sign off on the requested events;
2. Payment to the "Dorothy Hamill Skating Club" with skater's name noted on check;
3. Complete and legible information, contact email and parent/guardian sign off; and
4. All applications must be post marked and mailed to the address specified; no applications will be accepted at the rink or Town Hall in person.
If you should have any questions, please contact the Dorothy Hamill Rink at (203)531-8560, or email Christiane Abbott at