Membership is open to figure skaters (regardless of age and level), parents, siblings, figure skating supporters, etc. Figure skaters who have achieved Freestyle 1 level or higher are allowed to skate independently on Windy Hill Ice; Basic Skills skaters level 4 and above if accompanied by a coach are permitted.

In addition to registration with USFSA and Skating Magazine, Home Club members receive a special discounted rate for the multi-session Ice Package  and preferred access to all WHSC sponsored Testing.

Skaters must be a WHSC Home or Associate member to skate on WHSC ice sessions.

Types of Membership:

Home Club Members:   Annual  Dues = $110.00  includes USFS membership and magazine.
Note: If you have more than one WHSC Home Club member in your family, only remit $35.00 for the 2nd and each subsequent member.

Associate Members:  Annual  Dues = $70.00 1st family member (To join as an Associate member, you must already belong to the USFS as an Individual Member or as a Home Club member of another USFS Club.).

Ice Subscription Associate member: Reduced to $50 if you subscribe to ice.


Home Club Membership:

Includes membership in the United States Figure Skating Association as well as membership in Windy Hill as your 'Home Club'. Home Club members are given priority for the purchase of Windy Hill Ice time subscriptions, priority for walk-on ice time, and priority for exhibitions, shows, etc. Windy Hill home club members are advised of developments within the club as well as within the USFS. Please note, USFS membership year ends as of June 30th. Please complete the form included and return ASAP. If you are a Home Club member and you have allowed your membership to lapse, you will not be allowed to participate in TESTING OR WHSC ice sessions until all required paperwork/fees have been submitted. WHSC Test Sessions will take place in the Fall and early Spring. Dates will be posted as soon as confirmed.

Associate Membership:

Does not include membership in the United States Figure Skating Association (it is assumed that USFS membership is being provided by your home club). Includes membership in Windy Hill and provides the Associate member with the ability to purchase either Windy Hill subscription Ice time or walk-on ice time.

[With very few exceptions, only Home Club and Associate members are allowed to skate on Windy Hill ice.]

Membership Period:

All memberships mirror the USFS membership period (beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 the following year). Memberships are accepted throughout the year, however there is no pro-rating of the membership fee.

 Additional Membership Information:

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Chris Abbott, (203) 485-0575 Voice Mail or email at